>Are you looking for unified communication solutions?

NGCN specializes in providing unified communication solutions to small and medium business. We will assist you to deploy the right unified solutions to your business.

>Are you planning to start a Contact/Call center?

NGCN provides cloud-based contact center solutions. Cloud contact manager can be used for your business. This product is manly designed for the call centers which dial out to US and UK from APAC countries.

>Are you starting a new company?

NGCN provides free consultation to identify the right IT solutions. We assess your requirement carefully and suggest you the right plan. We will ensure that your needs are met completely, 100% time with total accuracy.

> Are you looking for an IT consulting service?

You started your businesses and you want to grow your business. NGCN will pro-actively help you with scaling your network and server infrastructure as your business grows.

>Are you thinking of adapting cloud technologies?

We will help you to identify the right cloud technology for your business. We will assess your requirements carefully and let you know what technology should be used and what should not be used. We provide high secure cloud solutions.

> Are you planning to deploy new servers or applications, but are constrained on budget?

NGCN specialises in setting up open source server solutions. We have a pool of highly skilled technicians. Our technical team includes Solaris, Redhat, Cisco certified engineers. We are proficient in setting up and maintaining all the Linux servers.

>Do you have transactional or remote workers requiring secure access to the corporate network? Is data, application security and availability a significant concern?

We will provide you the right server solution. We recommend Zentyal server.