NGCN designs, implements and support converged networks. NGCN specialises in setting up and managing computer network which handles data, voice and video communications.

Network Planning and Designing

Planning and designing of data and voice communication networks is immensely complex. NGCN offers the best service in planning and designing of data and voice communications system as per the business requirements. NGCN focuses mainly on designing Local Area Networks and Wide Area Networks.

Network Implementation

NGCN follows a unique way to implement the network on site. Once the network planning and designing is over, we simulate and test the network on our lab. NGCN lab has a variety of switches, routers, servers and other components. NGCN uses Cisco switches and routers generally. NGCN uses NS2 (Network Simulator 2) to test large networks in house. Once the test is complete, NGCN will form a team to go on site to perform the implementation and a highly skilled team in the corporate office to assist the onsite resources.

Network Monitoring and Maintenance

NGCN monitors and maintains the network all the time. NGCN has developed automatic monitoring tools. This has been implemented on all the hosted services.