Online Booking Applications

NGCN has developed online booking systems for specific organisations and industries. We provide online booking solutions which cater to the user’s needs. Customers can advertise and receive bookings for their facilities using this online booking application. Our solutions have the ability to receive online payment. Our Online Booking Systems are simple but effective tools that have been designed to fit your requirements. We host these applications through our own secure servers; this means that you do not have to install any software reducing any aggravations that may occur.

We believe our system can fit the needs of a huge variety of companies/industries. Such as:

Recruiting Agencies

Doctors and Clinics

Dentists and Hospitals

All these occupations and business use appointments to meet and interact with clients and our system provides a hassle free way of doing that.

Our Appointment Booking system is very simple, it allows bookings to be made online using our unique and easy to use software. It can be customised so that it meets the organisation’s needs, length of appointments, increments between appointments etc. Essentially this allows the scheduling of resources and personnel. Our system’s main benefits are that it is cost effective and reduces work load. The system will allow a customer to go online, view a calendar page (which will show availability of appointments) and request an appointment on their desired date/time. Our system lets them see exactly what appointments are available at that exact time. All the customer has left to do is click a button, enter their details and their appointment will be confirmed.