Cloud Unified Communication

NGCN Cloud Unified Communication (NCUC)

NCUC is a hosted unified communication system which provides voice, video and data over virtual private network.

NCUC setups a secure and dedicated virtual private network for your business and enables you to send data, voice and video traffic securely over a public network. NCUC uses SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) to send voice over IP network. This technology enables you to make phone calls over IP network without any additional phone charges. Employees who are distributed over multi sites can talk to each other without any additional cost. NCUC also provides various communication methods such as video, email, chat and voice. Employees can communicate with each other by using one of these methods. This eliminates the cost to buy software and hardware for your voice and data communication.

Convergence of data, voice and video onto a single IP network makes companies to reduce the costs and complexities associated with communication.

NCUC offers the following features

Reduce Costs

The main advantage of NGCN Cloud Unified Communication is it reduces the telephone calls cost. Customers don’t need traditional PSTN telephone lines any more to communicate inside the organization as well as outside the organization. Organization’s IP network will carry the voice, video and data packets. This solution is really helpful for the organizations where their human resources are distributed globally. Customers don’t need to spend money to buy hardware or software for this solution. This is a hosted solution. All the hardware and software are maintained by NGCN. Users can access the NCUC using their normal web browser. Customers don’t need to keep and maintain any hardware in their premises. It saves the total operation costs.


It is easy to make changes on NCUC. More users or features can be added or removed quickly. NCUC provides very flexible services. It can add 2 to 250 users on demand. This will be really helpful for an organization which needs to provide NCUC service to temporary staffs.

Anywhere Anytime access

Employees can access their VPN from anywhere using any device which has internet access. It cuts the international telephone call costs.

Interdomain Communication

Most of the mainstream cloud-based IP and SIP communication provides provide the systems which work inside a single domain. However, NCUC has a mechanism which makes interdomain communication possible. This can be used in an organization which has various branches and work under different domains.


Information security is a primary area of focus for NGCN. NCUC was built considering all the security concerns. This system was built on Linux system. The service is provided via a secure virtual private network. Secure Socket Layer (SSL), Secure Real Time Transport protocol (SRTP) and Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) are used to secure the communication over the internet.

Integrated Call Quality Measurement tool

Call Quality Measurement tool measures the call quality over the network and gives the feedback. This feedback report helps NGCN to setup the appropriate CODEC.