• NGCN Converged Network Solutions

    NGCN Converged Network Solutions

    NGCN specialises in providing converged network solutions to small, medium and large sized organizations

  • NGCN Hosted VoIP Solutions

    NGCN Hosted VoIP Solutions

    NGCN provides hosted unified solutions,hosted contact centre solutions and many more VoIP solutions
  • NGCN Customised Solutions

    NGCN Customised Solutions

    NGCN offers you the best and latest technology and we tailor the technology as per your business requirement
  • NGCN Cloud Solutions

    NGCN Cloud Solutions

    NGCN cloud services are available globally. We have invested a lot in research and development and continue the research and development process
  • NGCN IT Services

    NGCN IT Services

    NGCN assists customers to achieve their business goals by providing best, latest and low-cost IT services. We make technology work for you
  • NGCN Innovative Solutions

    NGCN Innovative Solutions

    NGCN offers innovative solutions on cloud and converged networks. Our solutions enhance productivity and lower the operation cost

An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company

Facilitates Convergence of Networking, Cloud Computing and Network-Cloud Convergence.